National Coffee Day

Un-caffeinated & senseless convo w/my mom after surgery today (she's fine)...

Me (up since 4am): "Hey Mom, Happy NAT'L Coffee Day"

Mom (on a fast since last night): "Wow, I didn't know that existed. I'd love some coffee right now"

Me: "Me too...if you ask me, it should be INT'L Coffee Day-there's a whole world of great coffee outside the U.S. 

Mom: "Like how they call it The World Series- but INT'L teams don't play in it"

Me: "Except Canada"

Mom: "Yeah, but even they lost one of their teams to Washington DC"

Me: "Sounds like a conspiracy...OH!I know!...We should invent an INT'L Coffee & Baseball Day!! Imagine a day full of COFFEE & BASEBALL!!"

Mom: "Yeah but most people drink beer at games"

Me: "We can put the coffee in STEINS!!"

Mom: "Uh huh...Can you call your sister & make sure she has coffee waiting for us at home?"

Me: "Already dialing"

Tony Howell

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